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Social Media Analytics for the Financial Markets (beta)

Sentiment Indices


Index Name   Network Current Value  % Change
   Daily Weekly    MTD      YTD    12 Month 
Centigage Social
Sentiment Index

 Twitter  107.21  0.07% 0.80%  1.38%  5.2%   

Centigage Search
Sentiment Index

Google  100.27   1.9%  1.8%  -6.9%  -1.2% 

Centigage Traditional
Media Index

 nGrams 12,515.09        -2.2%  -11.1% 


The Centigage Sentiment Indices are designed to track consumer and investor sentiment that is relevant to the broad equity indices, such as the S&P 500 Index, through the use of social and web traffic data.  Each index is calibrated to use the keywords that are the most relevant to the psychological mood states of the population in order to asses the impact of this state on the broad equity markets.